Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded Aluminum Corporation, located in Belding, Michigan, offers complete line of extrusions, from standard shapes in raw lineals, to complex custom extrusions fully fabricated. Main alloys used are in the 6000 series in shapes up to 12” via 5 modern extrusion presses.

Aluminum Slugs

Produced by AWW of Germany. AWW produces most commercial Aluminum alloys with sizes varying to very small to large shapes. Mill can produce with hole in middle such as a “donut” or in shapes as well as rounds, similar to a looks of an ice hockey puck.

Copper Alloy Tube

High quality seamless tube produced in 2 mills owned by Emil Müller GmbH. Muller Mill is located about 25 miles East of Koln, Germany in a rural region. Excellent capabilities for high quality tubes and heavy walled tubes.

Copper Alloy Strip, Rod, Wire, & Bus Bar

Tecnofil Sa with modern mills located in Lima, Peru and in Sherburne, NY – mills cast with modern system made by Outokumpu and is a continuous upcaster system for high production of pure cast metal. Tecnofil Sa’s products include Copper and Copper Alloys in narrow strip, rod in coil, wire, and bus bar. Metal finished on draw lines and annealed to temper and packaged to specifications. Bus Bar is made using a reverse extrusion method that shapes the round rod into a specific shape and cuts to length and packs. This mill is capable of Silver plating Bar up to 25 feet!