Collier Corporation was incorporated in 1966 and continues to operate under Howard Collier. Upon it’s establishment, Howard already acquired years of impressive manufacturing experience, stemming from his previous employment at Scovill Manufacturing Company in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Scovill had trained Collier in metal mill products, fabrication methods, and products used for custom engineered metal fabrications. Such fabrications were stamping of sheet coil, machining of rod in straight lengths, forming and fabricating of tube to specification, cold heading of wire to custom specification, and forging of rod to custom specification, which was follow up with forging that was machined to final specification.

Collier was sent to Cleveland to sell copper alloy sheet coil, a growing amount of aluminum sheet coil, as well as other mill products. Within a short time, he was promoted to Field Sales Manager where he supervised a group of salesmen in a mill depot, where he supplied material for the industrial consumer.

In the 1980’s Collier was offered a mill operation of RJ Reynolds as they broke up their Aluminum operations. Collier opened and operated the plant for 5 years before selling it to another Aluminum Mill and returned to manage Collier Corporation.

Today, Collier Corporation, teamed with experienced industrial sales representatives has assembled a group of high quality, efficient producers of metal and metal products for North American industry. This group of experienced sales men offer a wealth of expertise to manufacturers in metals, metal products, cost savings possibilities ,updated specifications, raw inventory efficiency and other potential cost savings.

Other accomplishments of Howard:
Collier served as a Sales Representative for companies as: Extruded Metals (now part of Mueller Industries- Brass Rod); Archer Aluminum- a unit of RJ Reynolds Ind. of Winston-Salem, NC; OMC – Outboard Marine Corporation, selling capacity of manufacturing operations; Noranda Aluminum- selling foil and Aluminum specialty products; Jim Walter Corporations, Jim Walter Aluminum- selling fin stock Aluminum to manufacturers; a now deceased manufacturer of Zinc and Plastic die castings, chrome plated to Moen Faucet for a thin wall plated faucet of zinc alloy; Southwire Company- selling re-draw rod in coil to manufacturers such as GMC.